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International students receive awards at the Widener University International Study Center

May 13, 2013
Widener University International Study Center students receive awards for their good performance at the end of the spring semester.

International Study Center students at Widener University were both surprised and thrilled with an informal award ceremony organized for them at the end of the spring semester. Awards were issued to undergraduate and graduate International Study Center students on April 29, for their performance through the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 semesters.

International students win awards at Widener University

International student awards

- Yuyan "Dilys" Cao receives 2 awards

Award categories and international student award winners:

  • Overall Academic Performance – Xiuyuan "Eric" Xu, Anni Wu, Jiacheng Mao
  • Overall Improvement – Yuyan "Dilys" Cao, Jie Liang, Tao Wang
  • Overall Improvement in Writing – Edgar Valdes, Qimei Gu
  • Overall Improvement in Listening and Speaking – Edgar Valdes, Yuyan "Dilys" Cao
  • Overall Improvement in Reading – Yi Gu, Yu "Yuri" Li
  • Outstanding Attendance – Junming Li, Eric Valdes
  • Cultural Engagement – Feixiong Niu, Yu "Yuri" Li, Edgar Valdes
  • Positive Outlook – Yu "Yuri" Li, Ya Xiao
  • Rising Star – Fengyun "Mark" Mi, Jiabo Feng
  • Good Neighbor – Fengyun "Mark" Mi, Feixiong Niu

The ceremony took place on the International Study Center premises, and awards were presented by Professor Louise Dewees, Dr Gerald Johnson, and Ms Latrisse Pommells.

"The awards ceremony was our way to formally recognize the students' consistent effort - we often tell the students how much they are appreciated in passing, but handing out the awards showed them how much we support their goal to study in America," said Ms. Pommells

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