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International Study Center Students visit art museums in Philadelphia

April 23, 2013
International Study Center students join domestic students at Widener University to learn about art at the Barnes Museum and the Magic Gardens in Philadelphia.

On April 19, International Study Center and Widener University domestic students went on a field trip to Philadelphia to learn about Modernist and modern-day art. The field trip gave International Study Center students the opportunity to interact with their American counterparts and practice speaking English to native speakers while learning about interesting artwork.

International students visit Philadelphia Magic Gardens

Art and culture in Philadelphia

International students join American friends on a field trip

First stop: students visited the Barnes Museum in Philadelphia. The museum is located on Benjamin Franklin Parkway, a beautiful, tree-lined street which is about a mile long and boasts several museums – a great location for art lovers. The Barnes Foundation collection is estimated to be worth around $25 billion. While the collection consists mostly of pieces by Impressionist and Modernist masters, there are also African sculptures and metalwork. The foundation also has an Arboretum program which is instruction on botanical science and plant history. The museum often connects the two focuses by displaying art with a horticultural theme - the novelty of which, the students found very intriguing.

Next on the agenda, students visited Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, which is a vibrant art center that consists of mosaic sculptures. Mosaics are made from colorful tiles which can be placed in certain ways to make a picture, or just pieced together like puzzle for a beautiful design. Philadelphia's Magic Gardens focuses on inspiring community engagement by educating the public about folk, mosaic, and visionary art. Entrance fees are low and the museum gives a student discount with a valid student ID card.

After being immersed in various forms of art all day, students and staff tucked into a delicious dinner at a local barbecue restaurant, or 'BBQ' as it is commonly called in America, and enjoyed the art of well-cooked food! BBQ is a favorite among Americans - a style of preparation where marinated meats and vegetables are cooked over an open grill. 

For the international students, it was a day well spent learning about art and American culture - great preparation for studying at Widener University in the USA!

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